The Official Forefront Band Website

Catch Up

Alriiiiiight, so its been a couple of days since we’ve launched the website, and so far so good! We’ve received some great feedback from fans and it seems that okes are digging the site, which is cool. The site itself is one of those wordpress thingy things that Jason has altered and changed and personalised – we think it looks pretty sick, and we hope you do too.

To be honest, the launching of the website has been the most exciting thing that’s happened in a little while – last gig we played was at Zula a couple of weeks ago (which went very well), and otherwise its been all quiet because our good ol’ rhythm section have varsity exams. But myself and Taylor have taken the time to work on some new material that we think is sounding rad, so that’s productive at least. We’re playing at Mercury on Monday, which we’re lank excited about, and may throw in that new stuff I was referring to now now, so come through and listen to the mentioned new stuff and tell us what you think.

Our EPK video for our demo ‘First and Foremost’ has finally fallen into our hands and we’re quite pleased with the outcome, so we’ll share it with you in the next couple of days. Hopefully we’ll be recording some fresh stuff in June/July when the varsity members are free, but I’ll keep you posted. Also, Taylor and I are going to start up a Forefront YouTube channel through which we’ll keep you entertained with covers, original acoustic songs and arbitrary banter about music, Mac Miller and Krispy Kreme.

So yeah, hopefully this has filled you in a little bit as to what’s going on with the band. Some things to look out for – Forefront’s YouTube channel (which we should have going in the next few weeks), our EPK video (which I suppose will be released on our YouTube channel so I guess the channel may be set up sooner than I had anticipated just a few seconds ago), and our upcoming gig at Mercury.

Its 04:22 in the morning and Tay has just informed me that ‘bbslgkjfjsalkdbsome-one-got-the-short-end-of-the-hat-because-they-were-downloading-lsofjgjkrjsolkahjria’. And then politely told me that it’s not his birthday today. He sleep-talks a lot, and it’s highly entertaining.



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