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While things have been pretty hectic for us over here with the ginger and myself all up in the varsity exams, we didn’t want to let that affect our relationship with you. So we thought now would be a good time to shower you with Forefrontal stuff. So with our website out (Stuff Count: 1) we thought there are some more things we should be letting you know about.

Right now, while I type this, we’re actually putting our highly developed procrastinating skills to action by means of a band practice. We’ve been working on our set for Mercury on Monday (Stuff count: 2), and it’s sounding pretty epic. Come through and check it out. Bands start at 10.

I also thought I should share …for all of you who spend your free time tracking down the actual location of Nick’s house… we have some good news: Our YouTube channel is here! (SC: 3) This is a much better way to spend you free time, guaranteed. You can take my word for it; I’ve been to Nick’s house. On the other hand, he did mention that he does enjoy picking up phone numbers off the stage after shows. So don’t forget to throw him yours on Monday (Females preferably [60:40 ratio]).

Anyway… As I was saying, the FaceTubes has invited us in and we’ve uploaded our “First & Foremost EPK” to start you guys off with. This EPK was filmed last year by our mate, Jacques Greyling, while I was still studying at SAE. It’s a short band introduction in the studio during the recording process of Rain and Goodbye.

This channel promises to host some great stuff in the hopefully near future, including some insane cover videos, gig promos and maybe a music video at some point or another. We’ll keep you posted on that news though.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Here’s our video. Take a look.



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