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Story Time

So, here I am, planning get my first early night in weeks, listening to death metal, and writing a blog for the website. With the weather being so nice over the last few days we have had a few chances to “frolic” (as Nick would say) in the sunshine and get some inspiration.

This is a warning that new material is coming.

With such exciting activities as band practices, band meetings, and other “exciting activities”, the band has managed to throw some ideas on the table. Emails have been sent, applications have been filled, and studio time has been booked for the future, it’s gonna happen!

In other news Forefront also hit up a short set at Mercury – attended by some loyal fans whom we’d like to thank – and it turned out to be quite a night. Jason has now begun taking fan numbers after shows as well, but has bumped his gender ratio up to 55/45! You figure it out.

Now, time for a story.

On Wednesday, one of our most incredible fans, Fabienne Arlotti was in SA for her last day before going to the states to work, so I went with her and Tanita Boswell to the Wimpy at Long Beach mall (Fabi’s choice, don’t ask why). After eating my dagwood and getting halfway through my milkshake I decided to down the rest (as I do with the majority of drinks I’m halfway through) and felt something slip into my mouth. It wasn’t a piece of chocolate, or perhaps a piece of cookie, like oreo, no. It was in fact a flying cockroach. I know this because I took it out of my mouth after I bit into it. Thumbs up Wimpy hygiene! After many lols and omg-I’m-gonna-chunder moments from all three of us, the manager was called, who then (long story short) accused me of putting the cockroach in the drink myself.


Anyway, I suppose it’s time to start rounding this thing off, so what I would suggest you do is give us a like on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or something, so you can keep in touch with us, that way you’ll know when and where we’re playing. Aweeeeeeee

Shot for the read and for the support, all of you are legends.



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