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So It Begins

Wassup, yo

Ohey, it’s me again, the red one. I have good tidings, tidings of freedom and of celebration. And stuff. Yes, and stuff.

Today is Thursday, which is nice. It’s also very cold, which is also (in my opinion) nice. Aside from being a cold Thursday, today is also the last day of exams as far as band members are concerned, which, I dare say, is VERY nice. I was tempted to use a word other than “nice” there, but I thought “nice” would suffice. Twice. With rice. No dice? I’ll stop.

As you can imagine, we’re rather happy about this. Because in the same way Summer follows Spring, June follows May, and Taylor follows rugby scores; holidays follow exams. It is the natural way of things. And that, now that Zorba too has finished with exams, naturally leaves us squarely in the holidays and squarely in the being-more-productive-days too. Which is very nice indeed.

That covers the tidings of freedom, and most of celebration too, really. A bit of a tiding knock-out, those last two paragraphs. There is more cause for celebration, although of a more personal nature. Contrary to popular belief, us red-headed types don’t actually crawl out of caves, or ride meteorites to earth. We go the usual route. Which is good, because it means we have birthdays. And my one is this weekend. The amount of calculus, physics and programming that’s going to go down that night, I can hardly explain.

Odd engineering parties aside, I’m looking forward to a good weekend, and I hope you are too. We have big plans for these holidays (which we’ve alluded to already) and we’ll keep keeping you updated as we unleash them.



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