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Aftermath of the Aging of the Ginger

Rous’ birthday weekend has ended, but the ringing in our ears from Mercury’s Rub-a-dub Dubstep night has not. Totally worth it.

As you may or may not know, our rhythm section have finished their exams, and are finally on holiday, which means more free time to put into Forefront for the next month and a bit. We’ve got a meeting in a couple of hours (we’ve finally managed to steal Taylor away from his busy schedule for an hour or so) which is certain to be filled with productivity, RayWilliamJohnson and whatever Jason has recorded on PVR. But seriously, we’ll be getting busy with a whole lot of cool stuff very soon.

So we’ve just released our first video and we’d love for you to check it out. It’s not a music video par say; it’s an EPK for our first band project “First and Foremost”. It’s got some interesting bits and pieces, interviews with the band, and us performing one of the tracks off the demo. It turned out to be quite a sick video, so be sure to check it out –

It was shot last year at SAE Studios while Jason was studying sound engineering there. The interviews and studio-shots were taken in The Neve studio. We’d often have recording sessions that would start late at night and carry on until the next day, and because of it’s location in town, it was a perfect place to end up on a Friday Night after jamming to some trance at Purple Turtle. The latter part of the video was shot at Jason’s house in Camps Bay where we jam and make friends with neighbours through the wonderful gift of loud music (they’ll soon get the concept).

Alrighty, don’t forget to keep in touch with us through the Contact Us message box thingy thing.
It’s getting unreasonably cold, so keep hearty with warmth, tea, movies and some Forefront jams for when you’re feeling deep. Or just want to jam.



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