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It’s been a while since we’ve been on stage for all you awesome crazy fans which has made us all quite sad. This is partly due to exams, and also partly due to the recording process we are about to enter.

Over the past few weeks we have had some serious band meetings (No Sikipedia jokes, nor straying off topic to talk about how Nick and Tay were ”kidnapped” by their friends the night before and forced to go on some crazy mission where they eventually leveled up in some wizardly fashion and are now holders of some insane title ending in 5000. [Moments where Rous reminds me how there are some advantages to having no friends]) and began preproduction on some songs that will be making up part of our EP album coming out sometime later this year. For all of you that don’t know what this crazy preproduction process is, well let me explain.

preproduction [ˌpriːprəˈdʌkʃən]

preliminary work on or trial production of a play, industrial prototype, etc.

Okay, maybe not so crazy. As described by the book with the funny symbols next to words, it is the preli… well, you just read it. Although that may be the accepted understanding of the term, we go about it slightly differently. Our preproduction process is filled with me waiting around a lot while Taylor does one of two things: Seeing how fast he can play his large collection of death metal guitar parts, or talking to a large selection of (presumably) men on his blackberry.


However, on the off chance that we do record some guitars, Taylor is not shy to lay them down. We are a big fan of creating big sounds, and in order to do this, we build walls of guitars; big walls… with the power of tsunamis’. Then when our tsunami is in full force, Nick adds the surfer on top with the skill and grace to ride this wave, dodging houses and most trees.

So this process is in action. The ginger is joining me today to work on some bass parts. Some amazing bass parts… that only a mystical classically trained ginger guitarist could create. I have been preparing my puns. Gingers love puns.

Peace out… Krispy Kreme 2012!

The Greek


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