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And Go!

Hey errboddeh! It’s fatboy here again to tell you about all the new exciting things we’ve been doing and the events coming up.

Forefront has become a split mission of late, with each member being assigned separate jobs going forward:

Nick and I have been doing fairly similar stuff, namely, writing and getting shows for the next while. You’ll catch us at The Russian in Durbanville for the Cause for Paws charity gig on the 24th and Zula Bar in Cape Town on the 30th of June. Keep an eye out for more developments!

There should be a full live acoustic set coming your way in the next while, covers, originals, and exclusive acoustic originals included. We’re also putting some cool new material together, as well as some more underground ideas, but those things are for us to know and for you all to find out πŸ™‚

Jason’s been planning and putting together studio time. There is some proper excitement here. Looking at getting an EP with like, 7 tracks on it. Including some brand new ones. Be as amped as we are. Jay’s also managed to put together some pre production stuff, and more layering for existing tracks going into studio. Very very cool.

Rous is planning something spectacular. Let’s just say it will bring some “shape” to the next few months of our progress. Along with that there is also a photoshoot planned for the next few weeks with the incredible Robin Taylor, so that should bring some more exclusive content to our website.

That’s it for now from my side in terms of the band. Keep it real and I’ll catch you soon.

“It takes guts to be an organ donor.” – anon.



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