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Greekings Greetings.

Hope you all are shwell. For all of you awaiting the release of our currently nonexistent EP, I have some good news for you. But first, let me tell you all about what an EP is… cause my friends are slower than most, and don’t seem to understand.

An EP (these days) is a round piece of plastic in a somewhat minimal selection of packaging. This plastic, when placed in hipster devices such as CD players and Mac Book Pros, spins around a lot and by the power of lasers (FIRING MY LASER) [That thing you use to annoy cats when you have too much free time] numbers start changing on a screen and music starts to appear from speakers. These plastic rings will soon (probably in not too soon) be available to you and that crazy old lady that lives next door for a small nominal fee. I am also fairly sure I heard your granny mention how she wants one, so you better buy her a few. Grannys love EPs. Although in their day they were vinyl, and none of them contained dubstep.

Firstly: We are going into studio next weekend! 😀 The ginger and myself are very keen to put our rhythm onto tape. This will put us one step closer to bringing you the magic final product.

Secondly: Todays meeting should bring us a final list of songs for our EP… Yes, so if you rash Taylor enough, he might let them slip in his post on Monday.

On a completely different note… One that only Taylor can reach. Taylor has been personally selected to play a lead role in a school musical. Siiiiick. This (I’ve been told) may or may not be due to his ability to hit notes that Justin Bieber may only dream of. We are very proud of him, as we’ve been told he gets to kiss someone. So if anyone wants to help him with his method acting… Don’t be shy.

So that’s what’s happening at the moment. I hope you are as excited as Ronaldo was to take that last penalty last night.

Tupac Shakur.



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