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“Untitled” (Your Cure For The Monday Blues)

Gooooooood Monday everybody! Crawling out from the hole he once came from, once again, it’s time for you to hear a word or two from… Me.

Hope you all had a legendary weekend, and that for those of you that are on a decent holiday, that you’re enjoying the nuts out of that. Big news for today’s blog… (Drumrolls, confetti, fireworks and a collection of your female relatives dancing to a Beyonce number) THE SONGLIST. While the weekend was going down I managed to take an epic trip into Jason’s schedule to put down ideas and pre prod tracks for the final song. He then slapped some synth and drums on ‘dem tracks and it’s actually starting to take some good shape on tape (I’m practising this whole “rhyming” thing, I’ve heard it’s good for writing lyrics). Hopefully you’ll think it sounds as cool as I do. The song is currently under the name, “Untitled”. Creative, yes, but if lyrics take enough shape to throw any special words at it, I’ll schwing those words your way.

So here it is, in no particular order.

  • Walls
  • Rain
  • Turn My Back
  • Intro (I’ll give a noddy badge to whoever can tweet what number they think this song might sit on when the numbered list is released)
  • The Same
  • Can’t Help But Find
  • Goodbye

And there it is. What you’ve been waiting for. We hit the studio to track drums and bass with the incredible Keni Burnell in less than a week, then the guitars and vocals are in Jason’s hands. Maybe we’ll rope Kenneh in again for moral support when it comes to vocals, who knows? A couple of titles above you’ve heard before, Rain and Goodbye will be the original recordings with fixes, but there will be fresh new recordings of all the others, including our latest interpretation of Turn My Back. Exciting.

I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to Marianne Du Plessis who did a review of the Cause4Paws show in Durbanville on air on Thursday night, and took a particular interest in the band’s “short guy” (noddy badge on offer here again, can you guess who it is? šŸ˜‰ ). You are a legend.

The rumours of me in a musical are true. All of them. Along with the fact that the remaining members of Forefront will be playing the music for the production. All advice on stage kissing techniques appreciated, demonstrations accepted, females preferred. Donchyaknow.

Remember to check us out onĀ ,and on twitter @forefrontsa to keep right up to date with what’s crappening in our world, and we’ll probably hook a follow to keep in touch with yours.

That’s pretty much what I have for you guys for this week. Keep being legends, keep an eye and an ear out for new shizzle from us, and keep it real.

For all those living the Krispy Kreme race of life, I hope plenty are behind you and that all your haters want to be you.

I’ve completely fourgotten what I had planned to say about the football last night. It’s as if absolutely nothing comes to mind šŸ™‚ I wonder if the mailman cries so much when he doesn’t deliver the mail on time, Mario?



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