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Alright well, I’m a little bit sick but otherwise in a good space to write a little splurge (I didn’t think ‘splurge’ was an actual word until my blackberry didn’t underline it as misspelled like right now) about what’s currently cooking in Forefront’s kitchen.

Firstly, if you’re in Cape Town and you’re all like “uuugh its so cold here its raining its freezing I wanna go somewhere warm its too cold naaaaaaww”, which may or may not have reflected my very own thoughts/public exclamations recently, you should stop and think about how lucky we are to live in Cape Town where even in Winter there’s some lovely sunshine and vitamin D goodness all up on your skin. You should really stop and take a second to think about all the truly unfortunate droves of people chilling up in GRAHAMSTOWN for the Arts Festival where the weather is severrrrrrrely chilly. I’m currently up performing in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and let me tell you, I’d dig to swing by Cape Town (just a chilled 12 hour bus ride) for a bit of warmth. Also, hit me up if you’re in Grahamstown and have access to a heater or fireplace. Or even bodyheat. I’m very cold.

Back in wondrous Cape Town though, Rous and Jason are doing final preparations for this weekend’s grand recording of drums & bass for our 8 track EP – First and Foremost! Boooom! We’re quite excited about this project, mainly because getting back into studio and being able put new stuff out there keeps you guys more in tuned with what music we’re producing, which is why you’re all up reading our blogs in the first place eh? Eh.

In the meantime though, enjoy your holidays and party hard and chill hard and give everyone mad love and do as much as you can because time is priceless, and one day you’ll be dead. I’m serious you guys. Also, its Fistbump Thursday today, so get bumping.

Keep an eye out on the website for upcoming gigs and news and other cool things.



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