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Today is Monday. After a fairly atrocious week (for me at least), things managed to pick up this past weekend in the joy and accomplishment departments. If you’ve been following up on us, as I hope you have been, you’ll know that I’m talking about our time spent in studio on Saturday and Sunday recording tracks for our EP, First and Foremost.

This paragraph was going to be about recording, but now it is about me passing my driver’s, which is what happened earlier today. Breathe in deeply. In your mind’s eye, imagine a strategically shaved orang-utan in semi-formal clothing break dancing. This is as close a mental image of me after my test as it is possible to have. Cherish this image. Keep it close to your heart and call upon it in times of hardship. This is my gift to you.

This paragraph is going to be about recording. Thanks to our homie4life Kenneth Burnell (AKA Kenni), we were able to spend some more time in SAE’s Neve studio. Haven’t heard of it? It’s pretty underground. Legitimately. Around two stories, I’d approximate. The Neve is one of SAE’s finest and largest studios, and we’ve grown somewhat of a soft spot for it.
Kenni very kindly booked a weekend for us in the Neve, and once again pulled through to act as our recording engineer for the process. Saturday saw him and Jason charming the most fantastic drum sounds out of Jason’s set, using their combined skills and knowledge, a large splash of creativity, and a drop of magic. Sunday saw me lazily plug my bass in. We were set.

Over a good few hours of bassing, drumming, joking, lolling, seriousing, currying and constructive criticisming, Jason and I got through everything that needed to be gotten through. With the help, tips and opinions of Kenni, Taylor and established music veteran Mark Townsend, along with an inspiring BBM speech by Nick, we came out with a set of results we’re proud of.

Next up are guitars and vocals. I’m going to ask you to call upon the mental image from earlier to illustrate to you how excited I am for the final product. We’ll keep you posted on all the happenings and such, as we like to do.

Happy Week, everyone.


PS I got my driver’s today 


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  1. Can’t wait! Forever Away- my favourite track!

    10.07.2012 at 3:51 PM

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