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Hi there. So, a week and a half in at UCT (for us UCT people) and not too much has changed. A few things have. My new maths lecturer is incomprehensibly foreign, which has led to regular class attendance by only ten of his students. He does, however, make humorous reference to “Texas Rangers” quite often, so I’m counting it as a good change.

We had a great deal of fun guest performing at the CBHS Battle of the Dance Crews. We did two of our own and a cover of “Let’s Get Retarded” by the Black Eyed Peas, which went down quite well. I also took some pointers from some of the crews, so you might have to update the mental image of the orang-utan at some stage in the future, but I’ll keep you posted.

Work on the musical (like, the musical) has begun heating up. Things are coming together and taking shape nicely. After taking a stand, my sight reading and page turning has improved dramatically. We’re putting a lot into this, because that’s how we do.

But enough about that. The bestest news of the moment is that we have received the fruits from our photo-shoot tree, lovingly harvested by Robin Taylor himself. Our new Facebook cover photo is an example of the delicious goodness that has been bestowed upon us. We’ll have more for you to see at strategic times in the near future, or more likely when we can’t resist showing people anymore. A big thank you again to Mr Taylor, and a Happy Birthday for yesterday. Keep a peeled eye on our Facebook for more tasty tasties.

In other news, I have been given permission to use our Twitter more freely. After some debate, we’ve concluded that this is actually good news, despite the quality of my humour. We’ll judge your opinion by the amount of death threats I receive of the next few weeks, and cater accordingly.

I end of today with a reminder that we are indeed human, and that you are more than welcome to holla if you have any questions or requests to hear more about anything in particular. We don’t bite. But that shouldn’t really be a concern if you use Twitter, Facebook or the comments section, because we can’t bite you through the internet. It just isn’t possible. At all. It has to do with the cables and stuff, apparently.



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