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The Weather

Well hey there everybody! Hope you’ve been keeping well, warm and wonderful this fine winter morning. As usual, its cold as balls today, but the sun’s out to compensate for it. Much like the weather, Forefront too is a little cold as balls – but don’t worry, the sun will be out soon.

We’ve finally got our drum and bass recordings back from SAE after our resident diva and engineer Kenni Burnell thought it would be best to withhold them for a few weeks as he had lost all of the CDs in his car and had nothing else to bump & bang through his hood. Now in possession of these sessions though, Forefront’s next move is to start tracking guitars (ideally next week or so) and then vocals after that. It’s the calm before the storm, and this one’s a hurricane.

In other news, we’ve also gotten our photos back from the youngest-in-charge, Robin Taylor Photo, an awesome and madly talented photographer and good friend. And as predicted, they are indeed looking very sick. We’ve shared a couple of cool ones on the facetubes, but more will come with the release of the demo.

In other other news, and news actually more relevant to the discussion at hand, we’ll be playing at Mercury’s Play It Forward event next Friday! We’re preeeeeetty excited for this one, and no doubt we’ll have an exciting line-up of songs and new stuff to keep you jamming. We’ll be playing alongside The Dollfins and The Man Motels, some very cool and interesting bands, so the night is bound to be awesome.

And now I shall leave you with this ponder – If a tree falls down in the woods and there’s no one there to hear it, does it actually make a sound?

Yes. Yes it does.

Much love, Nick!


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