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Soup People

Soup people

I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying. Might be the extreme cold, or the excitement for Friday. I’m going with a combo. Aww. Yeeeah. If you aren’t sure what I’m on about, take a look at this link:

Unless I’ve managed to mis-copy or mis-paste, that should take you to the event for Friday that everyone (literally everyone on the planet) has been talking about. For the TL:DR among you, here’s a plot synopsis:

This week Friday (yes, tomorrow). Mercury. Bands playing. Forefront playing. At 10 (pm). Along with other kewl bands. The Dollfins. The Man Motels. Free entrance.

See why we’re excited? See you there, pear.

Shocking band news as two mics are missing. This is a 66% decrease in microphone density and is not cool. At the time of this going to press, one of the microphones has been found. We are pleased. Reportedly, “POLO” was heard after “MARCO” had been called, allowing it to be safely located. Don’t stress, we’ll have mics on Friday. We promise.

In other news, it’s been really cold lately. Just thought I’d keep you informed there. Along with preparation for Friday, and for Fame next week (don’t forget to holla), I’ve been chilling (lol) at UCT mostly, and celebrating birthdays. Three this week, to be exact. But enough about that, I was just rambling to ease this into the conversation: I’m starting to play with my fingers a whole bunch more.

I don’t mean that in an evil-genious kinda way, I mean it in a playing-bass-with-my-fingers kinda way. It’s something I’d never really gotten into before for a smorgasbord of reasons, but I’m enjoying it. If you have an ear for bass (I understand if you don’t, 50% of your hearing is a lot to ask) tell me what you think after Friday. And if you happen to be that guy who keeps raging at me for playing with a pick, I hope you’re happy.

We’re busy bees at the moment, which means we’ll have lots of honey for you pretty soon. We think it’s pretty sweet. Build the buzz around Friday, bring some friends and we’ll hive ourselves a great time.


**who am I kidding

Anywho, that’s all I have for you for now. Go forth (maybe even fifth) and be prosperous in whatever endeavours you persue.



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