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Heyheyhey! So on the off chance that you didn’t realize, its nearing the end of August…which means the beginning of September is approaching! Which means that Spring is approaching! Which means that after spring’s undecided phase of playing hard-to-get with the sun, WARM WEATHER IS ON ITS WAY! And its about time too – this winter has been particularly cold, so props to everybody who has survived. But the days of shivering, shaking and shrinkage will soon be over. Rous has confessed that he’s been looking a bit white and pasty recently, and is more than excited to hit the beach and have fun in the sun.

So we here at Forefront have noticed we’ve been acting a little bit like a band of politicians: We’ve shamelessly plugged the release of our ‘First & Foremost’ demo, said we’ve been working hard producing the drums and bass, said we’ve made alleged plans to track vocals and guitar… But nobody’s seen any promised delivered quite yet. Well, truth be told, there is NO demo to look forward to, its all been a fabrication.


Truthy-truth be told, there actually IS a demo to look forward to, but we haven’t had the time to begin tracking the guitars and vocals quite yet as we’ve all been furiously rehearsing for what is most definitely our biggest gig yet. Like, this is pretty big. Its so big, in fact, that we’ve had to hire out an entire school hall to pull this event off. Its so big, in fact, that we’ve had to add a completely new element in form of live acting, dancing, and choir singing with a cast of over 50 people! Its SO big, in fact, that we’ve decided to add piano, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet AND EVEN BASS-GUITAR to our sound!

ITS SO BIG, BRO, that we’ve decided to not play any of our original songs – only covers from the well-known musical, Fame, will do this show justice! But don’t you worry, Taylor will still be singing them tunes, Jason will still be banging them drums, Rous will still be slapping that bass, and I’ll still be trying to work out what that all these damn strings do :/
Not convinced? Fair enough, let me rephrase:

Come check out Camps Bay High’s production of FAME The Musical, thurs – sat, where Taylor will sing and make mouth-love to a female for a change!

After this production, we will most definitely be dedicating a lot more time to getting this demo done and dusted. We totally promise guys, just like, vote for us and stuff.

We had a very sick jam at Mercury on Friday night alongside the gorgeous Dollfins and the equally handsome Man Motels. A huge thank you to everybody who’s been contributing to the increasingly large crowd we’ve been playing to at gigs. And of course we welcome you and all your mothers to join the movement! And a huuuuge thanks to Bradlee Wilson for taking some epic photos of the performance!

Much love everyone!



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