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Greek Speak

Yo yo. Cha. cha… Yeah.

Now that I’ve greeted you with sounds that Jay Z uses when he’s not rapping in songs, I think we can get right down to business.

In slightly irrelevant and only marginally interesting news, Rous and I have got to that point in the semester where we adapt so we now stay awake in lectures. Although our methods are rather similar, I think he’s got one up on me, which is good, considering his day is much longer, and vastly more boring than mine.

Rous’ coping method involves a blackberry (preferably not frozen and with some sort of battery life) and an installed version of Pokemon Silver. Yes, it is completely possible. I made him prove it to me. I took the less insanely awesome approach, and I spend my lectures playing Simsons. For all those parents out there (including mine) Simsons is the latest in lecture note capturing software. Great stuff. You can even record videos of the lectures on it.

In slightly more bandy news, Today is the opening night of Fame, the musical. The cause for all of Rous’ sheet music jokes. The most recent being: “The time has come. It’s time to face the music.” -turns to face his sheet music-.  😐

Nonetheless seeing Taylor on stage making face-time with a female in his newly shortened hair and more make up than Lady Gaga is well worth the ticket price.

There is also incentive to stay till the end, as that’s is when Rous has a bass part that breaks all rules of music. Yes. You can actually hear the bass for a short period of time. Mad stuff.

Today is also a good day for those of you that like Nick’s face too. And the rest of you as well I guess. I heard that we going to have some sexy photos up on facetubes from our small yet pumping gig at Mercury last Friday night. I have seen most of these said photos, and Id just like to send another huge shout out to our main man (always wanted to say main man[wasn’t as great as expected]) Brad Wilson. One of the mostest cool people I know. His photo taking skills are far better than my grammar. So keep an eye on our Facebook page this evening.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Have a great evening while I’m singing along to cheesy 80s music.



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