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Soliek, time flies, and stuff. The term ends tomorrow. Fame is done and dusted. My hair’s grown a bit. Crazy stuff. I’m really looking forward to a little break, cozliek, busy bee and whatnot. But an idle bee gathers no pollen, as they say, and honey is a beverage best served while the iron is hot. Or something.

In the spirit of all that, we’re kicking off tracking next week at long lastly. This is good, because it means music. Our music, specifically. It’s a step closer to your ears, and we’re quite happy about that. We’ll undoubtedly keep you updated with pictures of Taylor on his phone, or other important steps of the recording process.

We’re also meeting up with the very awesome members of Soldier today. Hopefully we’ll be taking the stage together soon for a show with more of our kinda vibe to it. I’ll keep my puns to a minimum for the meeting, apparently it’s bad for PR. JK lol, that’s not happening. Puns are like water, and I’ll be dammed if I stop letting them flow. Teehee.

On the fingers front, I ended up playing Fame with blisters on my fingertips. This was not pleasant. I have learned to curb my enthusiasm while my fingers get used to the ol’ bass strings thing. I’ve also learned how useful playing with your fingers can be, and I’ll be less picky with my play style in the future. Teehee.

Oh, and I’m going to see the best bass player of ever-and-ever next year. It’s no biggie. Just Flea, the biggest pimp of a champion ever to grace the bass. I might be a little excited. Let me check quickly. Mmmm, yes, yes I am. I’m a little very excited. RHCP BAYPEE.

That’s all, folks.


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