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It’s been a while. A few whiles, even. But don’t worry, we’re still alive, we’re still playing music and stuff, and I still have a moustache. And some new shoes. But that’s not relevant, so I won’t bring it up. Right. A fair amount has happened in our absence from the land of blog-posting, but we return home once more with goodies from our travels.

The main reason for our absentness has been the ol’ recording thing. By now you must be thinking “will I ever hear these recordings?” or something along those lines. I must confess, until recently similar thoughts had plagued my mind. But I was put at ease by Jason who kindly allowed my ears to feel some of the stuff we’ve been working so hard on. The sensation was incredibly pleasurable, I assure you. I had to flick my hair out of my face afterwards (like in a shampoo ad) because it had landed there in my glee. You will have your shampoo moments too, I promise.

If you thought recording music and going to university/working sounds like tough work, we managed to throw in a gig or two as well. I say “or two”, but I really mean exactly two. We rocked the boat at the Jolly Roger (like, a pirate boat :D) last last weekend, and then played with pride at ROAR this Saturday past (like, a lion :D). I say with pride not because there’s a group of us and we’re lions, but because it was an incredibly fun and energetic gig and we saw a lot of your pretty faces and we were proud and stuff. So thank you to each and every single (or married, dating, etc) one of you for a great night out.

Just to clarify, we’re back in blogville, so you’ll be seeing more from us shortly. Typically words, occasionally pictures, and inevitably puns. Have a splendid week.



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