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Fun in the Sun

Well heeeeey there everybody! Hope you’ve all been well doing your thing and having a good time and lots of fun in the sun, for summer is cloooose by and soon we’ll all be frolicking on the beach together and be happy. In the sun.

So its been a little while since you’ve seen Forefront on your newsfeed, which is good news and bad news. Neutral news. Bad news because interacting with all you cool cats is a huge part of what we’re all about, and keeping you in the loop is pretty important as far as we’re concerned. On the good side, however, its not because we don’t love you! We’ve been busybusybusy recording, mixing, getting things organised on Forefront’s front, as well as exams and other work that we’ll all doing. However, at the rate we’re going, we are setting a vague HB pencil date of releasing our hugely anticipated (by us) First & Foremost in November! Yeah! We’re all still lank excited about the project, and we hope you are too. And, in a month and a bit, you’ll have a little something to keep us by your side. And in your ear holes.

On the personal side, this House Party movie that I’m doing is full of surprises and I’m having quite a blast. The movie itself is absolutely crazy and pretty raunchy (which is always good) and the cast is very very cool, so a good time is being had by all. However, this mofo is going straiiight to DVD and will only be released in the next year or so! So at the end of the day, First & Foremost is really all you should be thinking about and looking forward to in terms of what’s coming soon. And we are coming.


The last gig we played was a few weeks ago at ROAR, and we had a maaaad crowd full of cool cats and beautiful people, old friends and new. Team Forefront is growing bigger and stronger and sexier by the looks of it, so we’d like to thank ALL OF YOU for jumping on board and being amazing. Xxx

Much love,


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