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Greeting from the silence


Hey there. Long time no see, sadly. I thought it’d be write of me to hit up the internet again, so here I am. Yes, that was an attempt at a pun. Everyone is crazy busy at the moment, but that isn’t really an excuse not to give you delicious blog nutrients. After all, we did promise to keep you fed. I’m halfway through the toughest exams I’ve ever had to write and I’m taking time out just for you. We do still care.

People have been saying to us “Forefront, when are you playing again? We’d really like to see you play again soon”. My usual response to this is yelling “My name isn’t Forefront”, before rushing to the bathroom in tears. In truth we have been out of the loop for quite a while now, and it’s starting to get to us. We like playing for you, really we do, and we should be playing again regularly quite soon.

Now, and don’t get mad when I tell you this, we actually played on Friday. Please, I asked you nicely – calm down. We couldn’t invite all you lovely people because it was a private function. I won’t tell you how fun it was, because that would be a little rude, but we did enjoy ourselves quite a lot. I won’t even tell you how awesome it was setting up and playing at a street party. The good news for you is that we remember just how fun it is to play and have been encouraged to do more of this performing thing soontimes.

Speaking of performances, the entire world is going to see Linkin Park on Thursday except me. Sad and unfair, I know. The entire world includes Jason, who we all know is as die-hard a Linkin Park fan as one is ever likely to encounter. He’s even going to the LPU Summit, which to us plebeians means he’s going to spend the day doing cool stuff with the band and a select few other avocado-style fans. And by that I do indeed mean hardcore. So expect a rant from him about that later on.

Anywho, good luck to any and all persons writing exams. I feel your pain. We can get through this. Probably. Or we can rewrite. We’ll see how we go. To everyone else, please stop enjoying yourselves so much in front of us studying people. Thank you.



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