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Joe Berg

It feels good to be back in civilisation. As you might be aware, myself and Jason spent the last two weeks in Johannesburg and have returned mugged, hijacked and dead. Not really though, don’t worry. We actually had a spectacular time, learnt a few things and gained a few skills.

Without name-dropping the whole list, we have the best friends on earth. Brad, Dev, Shane, Roxie, Shan, Dan, Tayla, Chloé, Roy and everyone else we saw for less time, you’re great. From letting us spoon and occasionally sleep in their houses to taking us to Gold Reef City, taking us quad biking and jet skiing, feeding us, teaching us mad drinking games, ice-skating, dancing on the highway, bowling, arcading, driving us around, jolling, letting us braai badly and play with their kittens, and showing us to their families – thank you guys. We will never forget the experiences you gave us, except for a few involving copious amounts of alcohol. Much luvvies.

As with all things in life, our trip had its ups and downs. Besides the obvious ups and downs known as the take-off and landing of the aeroplane and the wonderful ups mentioned above, our downs were few and far between. Experiencing dodgy Joburg police officers was definitely high up on the downs list, but we survived and can chalk it up on our lol-at-that list.

As the least singy members of the band, we took it upon ourselves to hone what little skills we have while we were there. A regime of SingStar and piano karaoke led up to our performance at a Christmas party in front of about 10 (!!!) people. Not sure if we can count it as our first Joburg gig, what with it being a SingStar performance by half of the band, but still a good experience.

But yes, enough about that. We’re back in Cape Town and have already had our first band assembly. The boys are back in town. I hope you all had great Christmases and boxing days and saved some party spirit for New Year’s.



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