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Gigs Gigs Gigs…

Hey hey hey hey! Hey! We here at Forefront HQ are all bumbling with excitement, as months and years and decades and centuries of work has finally brought us to the stage where, with a little bit more work, we can finally release our loooong anticipated, twice post-posed, twice cousin removed with no relation by marriage, FIRST & FOREMOST EP. As we speak, Forefront vocalist Taylor Jackson sits in Jason’s home-studio where the two will be recording a few final vocal takes needed for the EP. As Taylor stands in concentration in the vocal booth, honing in his voice-missile at the targeted microphone, his cell phone begins to vibrate (producing a sound louder than if he had his phone on loud). It is none other than world renowned sex-offender, Rous.

“Hey Taylor!”
“Hi there!”
“Oh hey Rous! What’s up?”
“Nothing much, just thinkin bout chooo”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m so gay for you!”

*Recorded dialogue, 100% lollol!

Point is, we’re really really close to finishing our EP, and so we’re all rather excited.
While the boys are recording, the rest of the team are working on EP photography, art concepts merchandise, marketing and setting up launch/promotion venues WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT EXCITING POINT:

Because we’ve been holed up in studio for so long, our gig playing to gig not-playing ratio chart has not looked too impressive. However, we’re very excited to say that we’re cleaning the cobwebs off our jam equipment because we’ve got giiiiiigs boy!

FIRST UP: Zula Bar for their weekly Grassroots event on January 16th! Booyakasha!

wed zula

SECOND UP: R.O.A.R. for a rocking headbanging bone-crunching ear-licking brain-frying rock-out on January 25th!

THIRD UP: Goodwood Sports Field for Red Nose Day organized by TheRussian, where we will be playing less bone-crunching headbanging ear-licking gut-wrenching set, as there will be children present. This is happening on January 27th.

AND THEN on the 23rd Feb, Forefront have been selected as one of Cape Town’s 8 bands to at V&A Waterfront’s ‘Take The Stage’ event!! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THIS EVENT. It’s going to be mad!

So there’s all the very relevant information you need! It’s also all you’re getting!
Much love
Dick Flandrews


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