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First and Foremost

“Friday, Friday, gotta get down to Zula on Friday the 15th February 2013” – Rebecca Black

Truly a quote to live by from one of the finest performers of our generation. Lolwut. But seriously, we’re so excited about this Friday we’d go even if Miss Black was going too. (We’ve confirmed that she won’t be attending though, so don’t worry)

For those of you who haven’t been checking up on our Facebook/Twitter/Blog that you’re currently reading, or have been otherwise unable to decipher our elated hysterics, we are proud to announce that we will be launching First and Foremost, our EP, this coming Friday at Zula. You read that right. No more of this “omg guise we’re totally making a cd, you’ve got to believe us” – we’re bringing you the goodies.

Things are very busy at Forefront Head Offices – flyers and posters have been printed, cd’s are being duplicated, line-ups have been organised and venues acquired. It’s all coming together. On the odd chance that you don’t lay your eyes upon a flyer/poster/event-page, here’s the plot synopsis for the event:

Poster Idea 1Forefront First and Foremost EP Launch live at Zula Sound Bar
Doors open at 21:00
Magic performed by our very own Nick Andrews
Our homies Hash take the stage 22:00
Forefront (that’s us) take the stage 23:00
Stellar Kartel (dynamic dj duo) take over 00:00
Between 21:00 and Zula closing there will be ous jolling. Awe.
First and Foremost cds will of course be on sale throughout the event.

We’re very keen to be jamming with Hash again, and Stellar Kartel will be holding it down as we partay on into the early hours. Check ‘em out on Facebook :



The moral of the story is: we’re really excited to be bringing you our EP. Friday is going to a mad jol, and we’d love to see all you funtabulous people there. And your friends, I’m sure they’re funtabulous too.



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