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Mmm holidays – delicious, and indeed refreshing. There’s nothing like waking up at 1 in the afternoon to remind you that for all the crime, corruption and disaster in the world, good still prevails. It’s also refreshing to be writing a blog post again, now that I think about it. And now that I think about me thinking about how refreshing writing is just then, part of the reason why we’re feeling so refreshed is probably because we’re writing new music. Did that sentence confuse you? Well, me too. But the absence of a squiggle means that Bill Gates followed along quite nicely. Thank you, Microsoft.

(If you thought “Refreshing” referred to refreshing this website in order to receive new blog posts and are feeling disappointed, I’d like to apologise. I’d also like to apologise for the immense strain your keyboard must have taken refreshing this page over and over for the time we were away.)

If you take anything from that introduction, I hope it is that we are writing new music, because we are. Srsly [Seriously; pronounced see-reeh-isly] . And we’ll be proving it to you in the near future, we promise. It seemed like so much fun, even Jason and I got involved. I don’t want to give you too much, but I implore you to remember that the only constant in this world is change. Yes alright, and Avogadro’s constant. And Planck’s constant. Yes, and a few others. I DID take notes in physics, thanks. [Engineer joke attempted here]

In other news, a man named Taylor Jackson has been performing in the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival alongside local and international greats. You might recognise him as the lead singer of Forefront. We really hope you do. He lends his guitaring and vocaling skills to the fantastic Wilfredo , and while the act is utterly hilarious we assure you his playing is not be laughed at. Do yourself a favour and check out the show before it’s too late.

Back at Forefront HQ the current agenda is finishing up more new songs, and organising gigs so we can play them for you. If all goes to plan, we’ll be seeing you soon. Hope your holidays are going just swell.


Rous [I added some stuff. Jason        P.S. Rous needs to shave. And I got a hipster haircut. Kinda.]


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