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Where’s my alarm clock?

Holy barbeque chicken wing it’s been a long time!

It has come time for all of us at the University of Obama Activities to get out our timetables and wristwatch calculators and begin work on those assignments we were given to do during the holidays. Cause like really. Who thought that would actually get done “during the holidays”. #retardswithPHDs

That’s right. The holidays are coming to an end, and with that gone are the days of rising at noon, consuming the day with series and ending it of with a live rerun of Taylor in the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival at the Baxter Theatre. Taylor has been performing with a comedian called Wilfredo for the last month, along side Marc Lottering and Alan Committee to name a few. I must’ve seen the show 4 times, and every time was a laugh.

Rous has been taking a break from the engineering and preparing for his return to varsity with a whole lot of the gym klapping (hitting). He is so serious about improving his marks that he has adopted a plan I enlightened him about the last time I donned my gym boy attitude. I believe I found myself constructing the statement: “I found through much research that the size of my bicep is directly proportional to my intellectual capabilities.”

Although no varsity work was done these holidays (a slow but steady trend which may have reflected in my marks), it is not to say that no work was done at all. We have been working hard on some new choons for yall, and they be sounding tasty. Tasty like food from the homeland. Mmmm. I can’t wait to share them with you, and all your friendies. Hopefully in a not too long time we’ll have them on the interwebs for you to listen to, enjoy, and pass round to your friends and family (like we do Rous).

We are also working on some other fun stuff. Like gigs. So we can show you us playing new music. Cause we enjoy that a lot… And a logo. Which may or may not have to do with our current one becoming famous overnight by an unmentioned clothing brand.

We will most definitely keep you posted on all of that via the Facebook and the Twitter. If however, you like looking at us more than you like reading our botched attempts at writing in the English language, you should TOTALLY check out our Youtube page and Instagram where almost no words are used, and you can stare at Taylor’s shexsey face and drool over Rous’s timeless facial hair.

That is all I have for you today. Tune in next week for more Whose Line Is It Anyway.




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