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Hey there internet,

I don’t know about you, but it’s my favourite time of year. Varsity work: zero. Early mornings: zero. All that’s on the agenda is gym (cuzzie), food and music. I’ve already taken slack for going to Nickelback, and had the opportunity to see how Rous pimped out his car. Over all its been a pretty good end to the year.

Over the last month or so Forefront have been conjuring up some of those new choons (tunes) we promised you so long ago. Our first one was released just a few days ago for Christmas. Rous’ mommy was happy to hear that he finally got that singing gig we promised him when she asked us if he could be in the band too. That may sound mean, but this is the common process in this family. What with him being ginger and all.

Our new single, No More, is out and about. If you haven’t listened to it yet then I’m sorry to say you’re missing out like Rous on a beach day. Join the craze and check it out!

And remember… sharing is caring. That’s what my mom always said… Unless I wanted her to share something.

In other news, we have come to the decision after much debate that our logo is still in dire need of a change. It has been way too long, and we have still not received any free clothing from adopting a clothing label’s logo. Therefore, we have decided to make a very big party out of it. Keep your eyes peeled and ears clean to stay informed of the unveiling of a non international clothing brand’s logo in the near (more likely far) future.

Last but most likely most entertaining to you party animals we have even more gigs. It seems venues still think I enjoy carrying my drum set. Or maybe they just like to watch me try. Nonetheless… January has some very cool shows.

04 Jan ’14 – ROAR, Observatory
08 Jan ’14 – Ragazzi, Loop Street

16 Jan ’14 – The Waiting Room, Long Street

That’s all I have for you today. Here are all our social media links:


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