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Well guess who’s back?

I know we’ve sort of fallen off the radar a bit this year. Honestly, it seems to be what we’re good at. Social media isn’t really our biggest skill, or even on our skills list. It sits down at the bottom along with good jokes and times tables. We do, however, try to keep working on new bits and pieces for you, even when we are drowning in varsity work. It is fortunately that time of the year where varsity is quietly judging our performance and we are on vacation.

While we haven’t been blogging at all this whole year, we have been pretending that we know how to professionally record music. Once again I donned the hat of drummer/producer/engineer/coffee guy, and we released a new single in the start of the summer season. This year it was called Crash. This is by far my favourite of our releases, and the only one I can somewhat dance to while playing it on drums. Yes… It looks retarded. It has been well received in the 2 weeks it has been out, and we really appreciate the support from each and every one of you.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can check it out here: Crash – Soundcloud

Crash - Single Artwork 4

Mixed @ Colour Studios, JHB.
Mastered @ Kelsey West Studios, JHB.
Artwork by Scott “DemWun” Williams.

We have made an effort over the last year to push away from the sad/angry/emotional, high school kids we pretended to be when we started this band, and focus more on writing music that represented our personalities a bit better. This means that our new music is much more up beat, and brings out our lighter, happy, humorous personalities.

In keeping with our unusual and somewhat comedic personalities, our song is available for download free on Soundcloud, and for a nominal – musicians staple diet- fee on iTunes. We do struggle to support Taylor’s large appetite, and the price of Rous’ sunscreen is skyrocketing, so we would really appreciate it if you showed your support buy purchasing Crash on iTunes. It’s like R8, or something.

HELP feed the hungry and fight the war against cancer here: Crash – iTunes

Now that we are all vacationing, we will be working hard on more new music, covers and incredible live shows. We have a large live set coming up December 5th at R.O.A.R. at which we will be celebrating the birthday of our most hardcore fan, Shev. She’s been with us from the beginning and we really appreciate her support.

In other, seemingly irrelevant news, I am off to work at Synergy Live this weekend. I’ll be a manager on the Electro stage, so come say hi. I’m so stoked to be getting back into stage sound, and supporting our great talent.

That’s all I have for you for now. Next week should bring more social media goodness… unless we’ve forgotten about it again by then.

See you all at Synergy. Woo hoo



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