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Hey ya’ll.

So keeping with drummer stereotypes, I am late with my blog today… And apparently also can’t keep time. It seems Forefront have become quite delayed over the past week. Even those of us not returning to a demanding timetable at Varsity seem to be missing deadlines. So my apologies for the lack of blog posts this Monday. Nick is working on it, and his post should hopefully be ready for his next blog post a Monday or two from now.

On the Forefront… front, we have been jamming in some practice jams this week (a whole one practice) for the Camps Bay High School Battle of the Dance Crews. We are going to be hitting up some hip hop to open the show, which I am quite excited about. Despite what looks like a minimal practice schedule I can assure you we will be ready. It has never failed us before at least.

We have also heard word from our mad photo skilled friend, Robin Taylor, about the new photos that are almost ready for collection. We have seen some of the new photos, and advised him to perhaps take up photography as his photo skills are as good as Rous’ hair is ginger. 

So coming your way is a whole lot of great stuffs. I haven’t even mentioned our Mercury gig on 17 August with FREE ENTRY and did I mention, great music… We’ll also be performing.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week about the progress Forefront has been making. I do however feel the need to shout quite loudly, as (as I’m sure you’ve heard) Linkin Park are coming to South Africa in November. I am a fan of Linkin Park like Rous is a fan of ginger safe hair products, and I have been waiting for this for (literally) most of my life…. Seriously. And despite ticket sales not being open yet, I have already secured me my Golden Circle tickets. -insert super chuffed face-

That’s all from me, until next time,



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